The Multi-talented Del Weston Joins Team Heroes from Heaven as Executive Producer

Sep 5, 2018     Heroes from Heaven   0 Comment     News

Del Weston is an extraordinary writer, producer, line producer, and director with gifted talents like no other! He has had television programs on NBC Los Angeles, Spike TV, ESPN II, and several feature films. Weston has done stunts in several major films including Rocky V. He was also director of photography, co-writer and post production supervisor on the Joe Pesci, Oscar De La Hoya and Gary Stevens’s documentary, Behind the Gate. Del Weston is also renowned for his 14 year and running international film festival, Action on Film which is one of the largest and most well attended film festivals in the world. The festival show cases over 500 films in a ten day span. AOF features celebrities and advanced new talent from around the globe. Guests and award recipients of the AOF have included, Kim Coates, Ron Perlman, David Carradine, Talia Shire, Michael Masden, Debra Kara Unger, Bo Svenson, Tom Sizemore, Harry Lennix, John Salvage, Bill Plympton, and a plethora of others including Creator, Dr. Scott Glenn and Team Heroes from Heaven.

Weston Has worked in all phases of production including line producer on multi-million dollar projects as well as micro budget films. He believes that the major difference between a good project and a great project is the “sensitive touch” between the Above the Line, Below the Line Costs as well as intimate knowledge of Union Contracts, Payroll, Scheduling and an understanding of how not to go over budget. He further posits that benefits such as Section 181, Tax Credits and Incentives, Insurance etc., must be considered before the cameras roll. Finally, Weston explains that the film must be made with an eye for sale at every level. He believes that creating and producing all necessary ‘Deliverables’ at every stage of film production can make all the difference in the world!

Weston also gives to charity each year to such groups as ‘Arte De Crear’ where artists and producers are brought in from around the world who join to meet the children from meager circumstances and sometimes with terrible maladies, to create art work, enjoy the process of international relationships and to see the finished work together.

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