Dr. Scott Glenn shares a spot in Hollywood Weekly Magazine

May 10, 2018     Heroes from Heaven   0 Comment     News

Dr. Scott Glenn shares a spot in Hollywood Weekly Magazine’s September 2017 69th Emmy Edition with many distinguished entertainers including Dolly Parton. In an interview and article titled, DR. SCOTT GLENN, ED.D. THE UNSTOPPABLE FORCE OF A MOVING TRAIN, Dr. Glenn talks about his book and how his current team is currently in the process of turning the script into a featured film. “The story is like no other and is filled with excitement which implements biblical situations with a sci-fi kick! Dr. Glenn states, “ This story stood out to me as the one I wanted to adapt into a screenplay not only because of the vision that I had years ago, but because I took what I saw in the world at the time and what I thought was going to happen in the future. Back in 2012…..2013 when I started to write this book, in this fiction piece I talked about tearing monuments down…..women being disrespected, and terrible leadership. And guess what? It’s happening now……I saw the future through my past with faith…People are reading the material now, asking me, “When did you write this?” “And this was originally written several years ago. I just find the current state of events and what I had written years ago to have an intriguing connection.”

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