Heroes From Heaven: Battleground Earth by Dr. Scott Glenn Winner of the 2017 Double Gold Medal Book Award Winner in Teen Fiction

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The year is 2145. The world is in turmoil. Quality leadership disappeared more than 100 years ago, and a selfish mindset has taken over throughout the world. This didn’t happen overnight; the writing was on the wall from the beginning of time, and the decay has amplified times 7. Former feeble leaders threw morals, values, and ethics out of the window, believing they could outsmart the Divine. Fools! The world is now divided into seven continents with their own wicked rulers in an alliance known as the 7 CA. Their Law is simple: Forbid any type of religion and loathe women. Those who disobey meet their destiny: Instant death or Hatred Camp, a fate far worse. There is no escape, and the world needs help, real help, and fast. Time is running out…Then, the Heroes from Heaven come down to bring salvation at last. In the 7-Day War against the alliance continents, they sweep away all evil from the world, making all things new and good.

Dr. Scott Glenn is becoming known as an exceptional author who explores, dissects, and reviews such aspects as religion, governmental facets, and educational issues. A proud United States Marine, Dr. Glenn is a diverse individual with a well-rounded background that includes acting, teaching and administration in both the public and private school sector in secondary and postsecondary academia, coaching, a sound career in the military (USMC), and profound involvement in sport.

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