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Geoffrey D. Calhoun is listed as a Top 100 Indie Writer in the World. He has optioned several screenplays and has worked as a writer on two features coming out in 2018 “Better Off if I Lie” and “The Little Girl.” His multi-award winning thriller “Pink Bunny” is scheduled for a 2019 release. Geoffrey has won multiple screenwriting awards and has worked as a producer and director on indie film productions. He has been sought out by studios as a script consultant and a re-writer for various stages of development and production.

​He is known for his fast paced thrillers but has also won awards for comedies and dramas. He has received honors in several film festivals and contests such as the Louis Mitchell Award for Excellence in Writing, Best Screenplay in the Action on Film International Film Fest, First place in Horror Hotel, First place in the Indie Gathering Film Fest, Nominated for Best New Writer in the Action on Film fest, a Finalist in the London International Film Fest, and Top 10 in the Contest of Contests as well.

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